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Stitch Sew Shop

Stitch Sew Shop

Located in picturesque Old Town Alexandria, Stitch Sew Shop is a sanctuary for the modern maker; a space to gather, a space to learn and to be inspired, a space in which to be part of a community.

Stitch Sew Shop has gathered gorgeous fabrics, patterns, notions, books & tools from all over the world, in order to build a collection of the highest quality, ensuring that the time you invest in making something is time enjoyed and time well spent.

The first by-the-hour sewing workspace in Alexandria, Stitch Sew Shop has ten lovely Bernina sewing machines, always set up and ready for you to use, as well as two sergers and a coverstitch machine. The shop’s 5 ironing stations feature professional quality irons and ironing boards, and the giant worktables give you plenty of room for cutting and measuring.

Spend a few hours, or an afternoon, in our inspiring space, and revel in the satisfaction of making something amazing with your own two hands.

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